Collection of Selected Publications and Books about Jean Miotte


“Harmony through contrast” Karl Ruhrberg (English)
translation Donna Freed, introduction John Yau
266 color rep.
Price: € 95.00
Order #: 4

“Kontrast durch Harmonie” Karl Ruhrberg (German)
Ed. Wienand , Köln, Germany, July 2000
Price: € 95.00

“Miotte – l’espace et le temps” Karl Ruhrberg, (French)
translation Dominique Bohėre et Hans-Dieter Sommer
343p, 256 color rep.
Price: € 95.00

Information/distribution: Dorothea Keeser
fax: 0012122552368

    Miotte by Serge Lenczner

Printed in France by Color 36, 2006
183 color rep.
Available in: English, Spanish and French.
Price: € 75.00
Order #: 9

    Ed. Aboa Vetus Ars Nova Museum, Turku, Finland: text by April Kingsley,

New York: “the gesture from within’ (English)
99pp, 57 color repr.
Price: € 29.95
Order #: 7

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    “Miotte – New York 1998”

Edition und Verlag, Humburg, Germany
Gunter and Jutta Schottau, Hamburg
Out of print
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    “Melopėe for Albert Ayler the Magnificent”

Text by Andrė Verdet (English-French)
Illustration Jean Miotte
Ed. Keeser, Edition und Verlag Hamburg,
44 pp., 32 color repr.
Price: € 25.00
Order #: 45



Text by Marcelin Pleynet: “Vires acquirit eundo – Ses forces s’accroissent à mesure qu’il avance” (French)
216 p, 151 repr of which 108 are in color
Editions Cercle d'Art, 10 rue Anastase, 75003 Paris, in the series "Grands créateurs contemporains", 1993

Price: € 65

ISBN #s: 9 782702 203415 and 2 7022 0341 8

    “Miotte, Oeuvres 1950-1994”

Texts: Fernando Arrabal, Hans Gercke, Pierre Josse
Exhibition catalogue: Musèe Les Cordeliers at Musèe Bertrand, Châteauroux, France, 1994. 56 pp., 38 color repr., 5b/w. repr. (German-French)
Price: € 25.00

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Dialogue Chster Himes avec Jean Miotte (English-French)
Ed. SMI Paris
132 pp., 24 color repr., 161 b/w. repr.
Price: € 35.00
Order #: 5

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Text by Arrabal, Bohbot, Butor, Himes, Pleynet, Sicard, Tan Swie, de Villandry, Xuriguera
243 pp. 169 color repr. (English)
Dorothea Keeser, Edition und Verlag Hamburg
Price: € 70.00

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    Memoire De La Liberte

Sedcome, Paris, France, 1991.
Illustration of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights illustrated by 55 international artists.
Price: € 10.00
Order #: 47

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    Works on paper 1950-65, Jean Miotte and the work of time

French edition: Editions Galilèe, Paris, 1987, English edition: Gimpel & Weitzenhoffer Gallery, New York, 1988.
PLEYNET, Marcelin
Out of print
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Ed. Musuem am Ostwall, Dortmund and Museum Ludwig, Koblenz
“Zeichen geste Farbe – Zum System der Malerei von Jean Miotte” Ingo Bartsch
“Jean Miotte – Rhythmus zur Freiheit” Beate Reifenscheid
122 pp., 74 color repr.,
Out of print
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    “Het persoonlijke handschrift van Jean Miotte” Hans Palman (Dutch)

Ed. Museum van der Togt, Amstelveen - Amsterdam.
Out of print
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    “Miotte” catalogue Musèes de Charleville-Mèzières 1999 (French)

“Miotte” Jean-Luc Chalermean
71 pp., 57 color repr.
Out of print
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    L’elan dans le defi un artiste du XX e siecle-Memories (French)

Text by Jean Miotte
148 pgs
Price: € 10.00
Order #: 53

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    Art Criticism - Special Issue: Jean Miotte (English)

Founding Co-Editors: Lawrence Alloway, Donald B. Kuspit
State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, 2003.
131 pp.
Price: € 9.95
Order #: 52

  Note Book  

Jean Miotte - Notebook

Chelsea Art Museum, Home of Miotte Foundation

Price: 15.00

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